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After the brake kit was installed i veered off some performance mod’s and decided to address a shortcoming which my BRZ always had. The stereo system. I never optioned for a dual din stereo upgrade from factory so i had being running the stock cd system which was pretty bad. Luckily it had a USB option so i didn’t have to burn my own DVD’s in this day and age but downloading songs was getting OLD … and i mean really old. Some of the songs on the USB were needing a refresher to say the least. I thought it was time to introduce a new double din into the BRZ and started doing some research. At this point in time, i had gotten off Android and was on iOS and i heard this new thing coming called Carplay. It had being rumored/launched for a while now but was only available in factory cars such as Ferraris but around this time, pioneer started offering Carplay compatible head units as well. I purchased a SPH-DA120 or otherwise known as Appradio 4 and proceeded to install it. Bad mistake. The bracket mount which was sitting in my car for the standard stereo was not made for proper dual din. So i had to go ahead and order a set of brackets off ebay which ended up costing quite a bit. Once i had the bracket, everything went in pretty easily.

Never tried soldering myself but for this setup, i decided to buy a solder and solder up all the cables/wiring myself. Happy to say that even though the job wasn’t the cleanest, i completed the job and it is still operating fine. There seems to be some issues with the rear speakers where they cant have too much volume through it before they start hissing so i had to tune the EQ to have majority front bias. Maybe it is a wiring issue? Or maybe it is just needing some proper rear speakers? Probably will take it down to a stereo specailist for them to have a laugh at my soldering job and see if they can fix it. I would really like better audio in this car that is for sure. Carplay works great. Just with Apple music and not Spotify. Fire up Apple music and it plays flawless every time. Fire up Spotify and there is 1 in 5 chance that it will not play and you have to go close the app on your phone and unplug the cable and all that jazz. I don’t know if Spotify just cant get their shit together or Apple is purposely sabotaging their app to sway customers to Apple music? In any case it is nice to be able to listen to music not stored on a USB stick for a change.

Was pretty happy when i plugged it all together and it was actually working. I honestly had no idea how my soldering job would have turned out.

Was pretty happy when i plugged it all together and it turned on. I honestly had no idea how my soldering job would have turned out.

Another few weeks after that, i received something i ordered directly from Garage Revolution in Japan. It was something, that once again, like the amuse exhaust made no sense in-terms of dollar value. It was a product that was exclusive/luxury and not much i can say will change that fact. When you are forking out close to the same amount of money as a complete supercharger kit on a single intake, you can’t really justify it in any way. I just wanted it and i got it. To be slightly empathetic though, it does come with a throttle body kit and the price on that is significant if you were to buy separately.

If you did not guess already, i am running the Revolution X GruppeM intake system on my BRZ. It is a design that is collaborated between Revolution and GruppeM and like any other GruppeM intake it employs plenty of carbon. Dual scoops flow down to the front bumper openings and then direct it into a massive carbon airbox before being sucked through the shortest piping into the throttle body. It is generally assumed that the 86/BRZ stock intake box is already pretty decent and not much improvement can be gained from it but even without trying the Revolution intake system, one could understand/appreciate the design on it and wouldn’t second guess the additional power it would/could make. So was it worth it? IMO Yes. Is it supercharger money worth it? Obviously not, but it has it’s charms. Let me explain.

Carbon goodness

Carbon goodness

During the installation of this product, it was obvious how much thought had gone into the design of the product. Garage Revolution and GruppeM really spent some coin in developing this product and you get the feeling that they tried to squeeze everything they could from the design limitations of the engine bay setup whilst satisfying a lot of other factors important to a performing intake system.

The first couple of drives after the system was installed left me with no doubt that the car was behaving very differently. The throttle body is a bigger bored unit and as such the AF ratio was off and the throttle on idle was erratic at best. Still, it was obvious that the car gained massive throttle response first and foremost. Secondly the car was a lot more willing across the full rev range to pickup RPM. I remember thinking to myself once again that the engine response is so much better i would have paid to gain the response alone even without additional power. Alas, after a rolling street reflash/tune of my ECU the car has netted even more of that response but now with a healthy does of top end power. I don’t have dyno to prove it but it definitely pulls all the way to redline where as previously, the car would taper off close to redline. The response is so much improved that driving around slowly now becomes a little bit more challenging due to the more responsive throttle. As an aside, a Japanese owner dyno’ed the box and he noticed that intake temps dropped around 15 degrees with the Revolution setup in place in similar ambient conditions. Someone on FT86 forum’s dynoed his setup (without the throttle body) and got results with about 10whp additional and some added torque across the power curve as well.

There is still some work to do though. I feel like the street tune is just the first piece of the puzzle. A proper dyno tune will unlock the true potential of my setup. It feels like it is 70-80% there but it could be still improved quite significantly.



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