Footwork next

Next on the agenda is probably the most significant difference. Suspension and wheels. Wheels maketh the car and the standard wheels are horrid. Obviously it had to be replaced. Spent way too much time deciding what setup to go with and researching offset’s and width but finally settled on TCIII’s. I saw them first IRL on JDMYARD’s DC5 (my old dc5) and loved it. Quite a bit of concavity and not completely black which provides a little more depth. What really sold me is picture of the carshopglow RX7 getting loaded onto/off a trailer. That and Pboi’s S2000 shod on TC3’s as well. Definitely inspired.


Next was choosing the suspension setup. I knew i wanted something soft to retain daily driving duties but also something that could do 3-4 track days in a year. I considered everything from Ohlins to Zeal to MCA Blues and at the end of the day it came very close to MCA Blue’s and HKS Hipermax IV GT’s.

The GT’s had a spring rate of 6F/4R which by default should give a decent ride and the rear was swappable to 6kg without re-valving the shock should i need to. I stuck firm on the GT’s rather than the SP’s (higher spring rated versions) because i absolutely wanted the comfort for daily driving and after first installing it i was pleasantly surprised with my choice. In fact it felt close to stock but with better damper control over certain bump situations. Where previously the body control would be a little unstable over high speed bumps, now it seems much more controlled ie expansion joints on highways mid corner. Low speed bumps is a little worse than stock but nothing that terrible. Overall i felt like it wasn’t much of a compromise in-terms of what i have gained. I actually tried the car over two different height settings and it was a little bouncier as soon as i lowered the car even more but i am about to raise the car up so it should become even comfier.


So all installed together, how did it look? I remember when i first bolted on the wheels. The improvements were like day and night. So much better. I remembered thinking that this is how a 86/BRZ should have come from factory.

IMG_2657 IMG_2658 IMG_2659

I had the TC3’s shod in RS-3’s and they feel super grippy. However, if i were to do it again, i might purposely go for a slightly less grippy tyre so i can enjoy it a little more on track. At the current level with 245 tyres squared, i find it pretty hard to break out the rear in anything but wet conditions. Even when provoked purposely on track, it still sticks pretty hard. Something less grippy will make it a little bit more fun i reckon.


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