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I read back on my own blog and i realise that it very much is written for me, by me. It is always interesting to take a glimpse into how i thought 6 month or 1 year prior. Looking back at my BRZ posts below, i can now see that i have done a (maybe not so unpredictable) round about on my initial plan.

Let me explain.

So after the last post the mods PILED on. Jing style of course.

I started doing little mods like foggy delete and shift knobs and tom’s rear lights in my previous post but soon after that, i broke the 1:14:xx time at wakefield which would allow me to get some performance mods in place. Previously i said to myself that no mod’s that would affect the performance of the BRZ is allowed until i reach this target time. I reached it on my 2nd outing at wakefield…..

So what came next? My memory is a little hazy but it went something like this. I started sorting out the interior of the BRZ. I thought, if i am to spend so long in the car, i might as well treat myself to a better looking interior. I didn’t have to look far for my inspiration as Subaru released a BRZ STI TS version over in japan. One of the many cosmetic updates that was bestowed on this limited edition was black interior trimming. I looked at the pictures and i knew it would be the right choice. It is OEM. It was relatively cheap. It looked classy but not so classy that it looks like it should be in something double the price. I have seen alcantara trims from certain brands and whilst no doubt it looked great, i just didn’t want to make the interior of the brz something that pretended to be more exotic. It is a cheap/simple sports car and i wanted to keep the concept the same.


All the trimming needed for the TS conversion


So much better right?

Overall, i felt it was so much better than the silver oem trimming. The steering silver trim got changed to black as well soon after the picture too. The dash trim piece had a faux carbon-esque pattern on it that didn’t look like it was trying too hard to be actual carbon and everything had OEM fitments. I enjoyed doing this upgrade as it allowed me to get a little more intimate with the car as well and i now know how to pull the whole dash apart along with the centre console/transmission tunnel cover.

Together with this order, i also purchased a TRD short shift kit and some revolution wide rear mirrors and TRD door stabiliser. The latter two which is still sitting un-installed for some reason. Once again i fitted the shoft shift by myself and that was quite the fun as well getting to know how it all went together. Most memorable moment was the fact that i started this DIY towards dinner time for whatever reasons and as it was getting dark everything was just impossibly hard. I lost the pin that held the linkage together at one point and thought i was screwed but decided to call it quits at night and came out next morning and low and behold, found it on the ground underneath the car. Phew.

Start a project that needs light at the start of a day and if you run into problems, think objectively rather than push through and cause more damage.


Laptop was there with a DIY guide from FT86club guiding me along 🙂


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