Varis me up

Since the last mods was added (Revolution X GruppeM intake), the car was left the same for about 40 weeks. I drove it around everyday and generally enjoyed it. Everything seemed to work fine but i knew it was time to work on the aesthetics of the car a little more.

I had a couple of guidelines i wanted to follow when it came to aero choices though.

  1. I am not ready for a big fuck off Voltex wing and i love the “duckbill” look so i had to have a duckbill spoiler or at least some sort of integrated duckbill trunk aka CSL style.
  2. I wanted it to be a little more aggressive but still enhance the original lines of the car. My inspiration is plenty of hotted up OEM cars and the way they look compared to a standard variant. Think GT3 to a normal 911. Think A45 compared to a normal A class.
  3. I also wanted it to at least be slightly functional whether it meant better cooling or slightly more air channelling to brakes/intake/oil cooler.

Originally i purchased the BRZ for a variety of reasons. The front bumper/look was one of the main reasons. I really love the way the BRZ front bumper is styled. Super simple, elegant and we all know that a BRZ with a STI lip (or really any lip) is a default tuning option. It is like the no brainer choice for modifying any Subaru cars. Wack on a STI lip and be done with it. One of my initial options and something that i still love is the Cleib setup.


I actually blogged this same car a few years ago and said this is exactly how i would have my BRZ. A simple setup with just the Cleib front lip/Cleib side skirts/Varis bonnet. It looks amazing and it compliments the looks of the BRZ very well. If there was one hero tuner BRZ out there, it would be the Cleib BRZ.

My second option was something i spotted out of HyperRev. It was the Original Runduce 86 that was sporting the full Varis Arising II kit. What made this one different was the inclusion of the wide lip. Till date, the Original Runduce is the only car i know of that runs this setup. I don’t know why but when i saw it i knew that it was one of the best setup’s i have seen for the 86/BRZ platform. In some ways, it also builds upon the original lines/bumpers of the 86 but just makes it a lot more aggressive. The rear bumper setup was also a highlight with an integrated diffuser piece along with cut out air vents on the side which i was a big fan of. For sure more aggressive but still tasteful. The sideskirts though, i just couldn’t get past. They just looked way too messy to me.


I was pretty torn between these two setup’s. The biggest problem to me is that i would be losing the BRZ identity going over to the Runduce setup. It would very much be a 86 and it would almost lose all identity of it until people in the know look closer at the fender garnish or interior of the car. If anything though i decided that having a vented bonnet on a car instantly makes it tougher regardless of what other aero is on the car. Choosing the rear spoiler was a little easier. I decided that i was out of budget for a CSL style trunk like the pleasure racing and retaining the OEM trunk allows me option to bolt on a wing for more serious track work later on down the track if needed. That and the TRD oem wing is pretty cheap any ways.

In between considering price/functionality/drive-ability, it did my head in and i originally submitted an order for the Cleib setup. I put in the Cleib order and then couldn’t stop thinking about the Runduce setup. I knew that i wanted to just get it right the first time and order what i really wanted so after 1-2 days i cancelled the Cleib order and i put in a Varis order instead. Looking back now, i probably would have being happy with both setup. They both have their pluses and con’s and typical of modifying any car, it is all about compromises.


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