Got back last sunday from a month long euro trip. It was amazing and i have many pics and stories to tell. For now though i need rest …. even though i have a race coming up next weekend!!!!


Wine country

Headed down to huntervalley for a quick weekend getaway and enjoyed the relaxed lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Got in some wine tasting and some awesome food as well.



Finally, i have reached a milestone in my life. The big three oh. I never gave too much thought to turning 30 because age being age comes at you whether you like it or not. As such i have always embraced my age without too much care. 30 though however, does feel a little bit more special. Kinda like those watches that beep every hr quietly to let you know an hr has past. 30 feels like that to me. A minor but never-the-less important marker in my life.

Recently though, as you might be aware, we have started a tradition of pranking people in our group when it comes to birthdays. I knew i was in for something and i picked up plenty of red flag’s but for some reason, this year, i did nothing about it. I realised, in retrospect, what’s the point in expecting everything? If i want to expect something, i would just sit on the toilet and expect poo or go to the doctors office and expect a blood test. Sometimes, its good to just let everything run its course. I must have subliminally wanted to get shocked/surprised and i remember the moment i arrived at our holiday spot, i was disappointed to not see any of my friends cars around. I didn’t need to  be disappointed for long though because i was in for the scare of my life …

For some reason, i went along with every little thing my wife told me to do and upon arriving at our weekend location, i didn’t even think twice before stepping into the house. I remember it was pitch dark when i stepped in, i fumbled with the keys for a little and then looking around left and right, finally figured out that the light switches must be behind the door. I turned the lights on and turned my back to close the door and that’s when all hell broke loose. I don’t care how hard of a guy you are, there are some instinctive reactions that you just cannot stop. Some of those actions are so ingrained into your dna that when the situation arises, it comes out of you whether you like it or not.

The time my limp body impacted over the metal barrier which resulted in two broken arms was one of those moments. My body let out a scream and i was just a backseat driver. I had no idea i could even scream and at that moment, when i went to close the door, i had no idea i could be scared so much. The sound of about 20 party poppers + multiple people suddenly shouting is more than i could take. Body spasmed and the rest was history. Hahaha …. my friends got me good. I remember thinking holy crap my heart is pounding fast ….. and i had to actually go outside to pace it all off LOL

Soon after though, the party got underway. I got handed 1/4 cup of sambuca and had to take a shot and right after that and few other mini shots, i was gone. We kept going with various other drinks and the rest of the night was a dizzying blur. I remember faintly that we walked down to the local jetty where we attempted to fish but the only thing that happened was a lot of kicked over beer bottles and somehow, somehow … my hook and sinker ended up on top of a tree????

Got home and slept straight away and woke up to a very muted headache. Not too bad but not perfect too. Old man Justin was feeling the pain and for most of the day he was pretty out of it but luckily, breakfast brought a new lease on life for him. Nothing like the smell of bacon/fresh salad/good coffee to start a weekend and i remember feeling extra happy. The way a kid would feel if he was on a holiday trip.

Once everyone was full, we headed off to Budgewoi which was my old preferred spot for fishing and i remember visiting this spot multiple times with Eddie during the early 20’s and having some interesting stories to tell. This time though, it was weird that everyone was going there. It was like the feeling that i have gained more friends in life and to bring them to this fishing spot was pretty cool. Kinda like sharing a part of my old life with my friends i guess?

We setup on the jetty that i remember so well and proceeded to try our luck. This proved to not be my weekend in terms of fishing. The rest of the guys all pretty much caught a fish or two (or in Brandon’s case, killed a a couple of fishes trying to get the hook out).

Soon after this, we decided to headback to get a bite and resume fishing. We got some fish and chips (terribly oily) and sat next to the ocean to consume.

Soon after this, we decided to move to a new location and try fishing once again. This proved to be much the same for me…ie no fish

After a few hours of fishing, we decided to call it quits and headed back to prep dinner. We had all sorts of meat ready for consumption so appetites were roused and the BBQ was cleaned. Part of the guys split off to buy more supplies whilst the rest started on the BBQ.

But we all met back for this

The food was devoured and more happy times followed.

Once all the food was done and dusted, we headed back in for some scattergories. We actually ended up fishing a little more after this but once again, i failed to catch something. Short on morale, we headed back and decided to sleep. The next morning, we woke up and everyone was on their internet devices.

Eddie’s hair in the morning is out of this world.

I actually quite like the evo with the roof box and i am afraid that i might have the roof box fetish or something.

Instead of fishing, we decided to hit the driving range and hit a few balls. It is actually the first time i have ever swung a golf club so it was an interesting experience for me.

Once we consumed about 4 buckets worth of balls, we headed to our final stop for the weekend. We chatted a little more and consumed more seafood and alcohol before heading on our ways back to Sydney.

The whole weekend feels so surreal that i am almost sad that it is over. I can’t deny that i wouldn’t mind turning back time and reliving it all over again (but maybe with the addition of a baseball bat as i walk through the door) and i guess it is a sign that it was a really really good weekend. I can’t help but feel a little emotional inside as i play back the events of the weekend. I am a heavy believer that the people make the event and all the right people were there this weekend. I think that if any of you guys did not turn up, it would not be what it was. I sincerely hope that we can remain friends till we are well into our 60-70 or maybe even 80s. I also have the best wife in the world it seems. The stuff she does is unbelievable and on the drive home, she told me how everything came about. To “boot” *pun intended*, i picked up some boots i really liked and the guys got me my first set of snow gear. Honestly, they didn’t need to get me anything but i will appreciate it all the same!

I feel like the luckiest person in the world atm but there is a tiny little thorn stuck in the back of my throat. That thorn is the below video …..

Not sure if you can see this video or not if you are not my facebook friend but if you are, its well worth it to enjoy the pain i was put through.

Here’s to the rest of my life 🙂

Weekend so far

Went for a ride yesterday morning and found out quickly that it was going to be a hot Australia day. The ride was uneventful in general which is i guess good news. Had to get home early as had a rather full day on. As soon as i got back, i headed off to TBSM to collect my niner.

Finally, i got the fork serviced and man am i glad that i did it. It is amazing now. So buttery smooth i can’t wait to take it out. I discussed with Simon that my needs are obviously for the most smoothest bump compliance and because i am a lighter guy, small bump compliance was the most important to me. I told him i hardly used the talas feature and due to this, he recommended me to switch over to the float. Call me vain but the float f29 only came in white, i think black was a much better combo for my frame so i took Simon up on this offer and converted my fork over to the float cartridge.

It should be more reliable as well as the float cartridge apparently houses 2x the amount of oil as the talas cartridge which reduces service intervals.

Right after this, we drove to Parra to get my monthly haircut. After this, we headed to Kirribilli to have a free dinner as Ley’s company sponsors the Ensemble theater and watched a play afterwards. Throughly enjoyed the dinner and the play. I had the Prosciutto roll something or rather + spatchcock + affagato. Yummmm

Great view overlooking the boat house that bayly’s restaurant is housed in.

This morning, we woke up early at 6 but headed back to sleep as our original plans of fishing was ruined by the bad weather. Headed over to Eddie’s for a indoor “bbq” and played some card games, had some shots, had some dinner and then finally, giving into our fishing craving, found a spot and went fishing. The team caught 4 fish in total lol

So many idiots on the road today as well, always amazes me how retarded some people can be when they are driving. Enjoying the new car so far 🙂 Very refined and grown up stands true from my last short description.

Aussie beach xmas

Headed off to Port Stephen’s for a couple of days to get away from everything Sydney related and i have to admit it is good to go somewhere with no shopping for a change. When there is no bargains to be had, you tend to just relax and wind down, and that is exactly what we did in copious amounts.

It was overcast the first day but we shouldn’t have worried because the aussie sun was back in full force for the next couple of days.

Beach hopping, late night maccas haunt, bad food court food, a lot of sweat and great views was the theme of the trip. I am refreshed to go into 2013 and i have already worked out some new years resolutions.

Wishing everyone a happy new year! May 2013 be your year to fulfill all your goals.





Honeymoon accommodation

Just booked accommo in this actual room. How freaking awesome! Can’t wait to wind down.

Hamilton Island 2010

Ley “surprised” me last weekend with a trip to Hamilton Island. So some rushed packing on saturday night and we were on our 11am flight. We touched down around 1pm hamo time to some rain drops but funnily when we stepped out onto the tarmac it all stopped. This pattern will repeat for the rest of the trip with us barely missing the rain on most occasion.

Hamo is a fairly small island and the main form of transport are these buggys powered by lawn mower engines. Apart from the fact the vehicle cant brake for crap it was a fun experience in itself. The island is tiny so a small buggy can circle the island in not much time at all. Within a few hrs of arriving at hamo we drove all the way around the island and pretty much figured out where everything is.
Our accommodation was so awesome it made everything worthwhile from the get go. Check out this view.

Room with view

Outside the balcony.

We didn’t waste anytime and decided to go cool down as the temps was pretty damn hot/humid to say the least. With pools like these how can you say no?

We headed off to the great barrier reef the next day relatively early for another full day of relaxation, coral viewing, sun baking and snorkeling. The feeling of swimming in the ocean with fish surrounding you and no island in sight is something to behold. Having a bbq and then sunbaking after all that is just the icing on the cake. Definitely an awesome experience!

Unfortunately the next day saw us flying back to Sydney but i left feeling completely rejuvenated from what, 1 month of hard tedious work? :p Awesome trip, awesome company, awesome views, awesome food all totals to an awesome experience.
More photos here.