Seatpost comfort

Interesting. Surprise is the FSA with no inherent design to be comfortable ends up being comfortable. Shame the test didn’t include the syntace p6 hi-flex though.



No nonsense build here. Very lovely.

bmc build fibula brks schm_grest_ibar__ slr01_drv sd

Crux shakedown + first commute

Yesterday i decided to go for a ride. I have being feeling crap and not really at it and i needed some riding back in my life. Finally the crux was all ready to go and i took it around SOP for a coupla laps. Funny thing is even without adjusting the saddle, it was at the right height. Just hop on and go :p

From the get go though, it felt like a pretty slow bike. All the way down to SOP was hmmmm like riding with the brakes rubbing or something. I put it down to a heavier bike and knobbly tyres and solidered on.

About 20kms into the ride i decided to make sure everything was alright. Lifted the back wheels, tried to spin it….OHhhhhhhhhhhhh i see now…. the brakes were actually rubbing and actually quite severely. So bad that the calipers was untouchable as they had being pretty much clamping the disc all this time.


Set it up again and off i go. Alright, this is more like it!

What did i think of the bike? Hmmm, GEO is setup fairly similar to my BMC. Slammed stem and all but one thing that is very noticable is how much further up front the front wheel is indicating a slacker head angle. Despite this though the bike is still fairly twitchy and maneuverable. I am running the tyres at around 60psi and to be honest, this bike isn’t all that comfy. The bump control is not as good as the bmc and the first bit of the impact is fairly muffled due to the bigger tyres but there is still a fair bit of bite in each bump.  Unlike on the BMC where it just absorbs the bump instead. Still, there is something very solid feeling to this bike. Probably due to the fact that it weighs 9kgs or maybe the fact that it has disc brakes but it felt good to ride around in urban conditions with kerbs here and there and massive potholes and stuff. Perfect for commuting then.

The disc brakes are pretty amazing. At first i wasn’t really blown away by them but little by little i realised that they were significantly stronger. One of the first moments i realised was the simple process of dismounting. In the bmc i am used to unclipping the left foot and whilst braking i would coast to a stop nice and smoothly. In the crux as soon as i unclipped there was a sudden motion of stopping and it was definitely not smooth. Definitely stronger and id say it is good to have stronger brakes whenever possible.

This morning i decided to finally commute. Not sure what took me so long but of course i feel all that much better for it. Felt so alive at work. Had a shower when i got in and it couldn’t have being easier. I see myself doing this more often or at least i would hope so.


Haven’t tuned road gears for awhile 😐 good to know i still know how to do it 🙂

There is a gap between the headset cap and the HT but i will find the right spacer to correct that.

Specs are as follows

  • Crux 2012 frameset
  • Canecreek is top cap with bearing assembly
  • Deda 110mm zero100 stem
  • Zipp sl handlebars
  • Fizik soft touch bartape
  • Some ebay garmin mount
  • 3T Team seatpost
  • Phenom expert saddle
  • 60mm carbon disc hub wheelset
  • Cannondale sisl crankset with praxis CX rings
  • Sram Apex drivetrain
  • Avid bb7 brakes
  • xtr pedals
  • challenge griffo xs open clincher tyres

Finally i have a cx bike

I doubt i will do any cx on it and at the most i will ride the oaks or something. Having disc brakes on a roadieish setup is definitely good for commuting though. You never know when you might just need the stopping power. Still, i see myself riding some 50km rides no problems on the bike. I wanted to differentiate between the BMC and the Crux so their tasks will not overlap. I realised why designers like doing what they do in a way. You kinda have a fleeting idea in your mind but to watch it get carried out, patiently waiting for little pieces here and there to arrive and all the while, in your mind, you are wondering how it will work together. The more i build bikes, the more i realise that the bikes i build tend to be closer and closer to my first mental thoughts. The crux turned out pretty much 99% of what i envisioned it. I spent my time tonight building it up. It is still not done yet but the moment i slotted the wheels onto the frame was when the shape of the bike was taking hold. To say the least i am very happy with the execution of the bike and glad that everything has kinda turned out fine.

The only weird thing is the carbon fork has a metal reinforcement plate in it. Of course, when i slammed the stem and cut the steerer it rendered it unable to take a compressor plug. I will take it to my local bikeshop and let them handle that. Doubt it would be much issues for them to remove as they always seem to be able to fix my cockups.

This was the way it was previously

This is the frame after it arrived after a refinish to my specs. I kept it simple with s-w0rks labeling and a S logo on the headbadge. Yes i know it isn’t really a s-works but whatever, i like the logo and i think the fewer letters looks better vs specialized.

A closer look at the details. Still weird to see discs on a roadie type frame.

I realised i failed already in this build. I already care too much about the bike to commute on it. LOL FML…..Ahhh whatever, will just ride it and let it take its course. Weight? Don’t know, probably 8-9kg???

Happy new year!

Again…. Chinese new year that is.

Dropped into a temple far far away yesterday night for our yearly routine. The smoke stung my eyes as usual but the fireworks was always uplifting. Something about fireworks that never fails to enchant people time and time again.

I wished for the same things i always wish for. Here’s to a healthy and prosperous new year! Happy new year to everyone else as well (again).

Finished off around 1230 and the long drive + shower got me to sleep at around 2am. Woke up around 7 for a ride with Brandon and Matt. Rare that they have the time to ride so i wasn’t going to back out even if it wasn’t the best timing wise.

Really liking my RX100. I just carry it now pretty much everywhere and when i feel like taking a pic, i have it there ready.

Overall pretty happy with the amount of riding i have done this weekend. Definitely something i want to keep up and with my plans to start regularly commuting, it should be a positive start to the new year *at least fitness wise*.

This morning’s ride

Had a couple of people on the ride today ask me what the BMC is with comments ranging from “that is the blackest bike i have ever seen” to “you are too white to ride this bike” ….


I am sure now that the rear hub bearings need adjusting. It makes an even sound during coasting and during slow out of the saddle efforts on the climbs sounds like the side of the wheels touching the brakes but i realised it isn’t because the wheel is stiff as horse shiet (ok, that isnt very stiff but you get my point).

I will see if i can adjust the wheel myself.

Saw so many riders today. Maybe it is more just the route i went which is cyclist dominated but at a certain point i must have being past by multiple peloton with easily 50 riders ….

I pumped the tyre 10psi more on both front and rear today and i don’t like it. Too much road buzz with no real gains in rolling performance that i could tell. Back to my old pressure it is.